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Our Recent Work

Today, 9/29/16, at a public hearing held by the Department of Corrections (DOC), Barb Dougan represented the NLG Mass Chapter and presented NLG comments opposing proposed changes to DOC regulations that would limit the number of visitors for each prisoner and require those visitors to be pre approved by way of a cumbersome process. You can read the comments here. 

Statement on the Movement for Black Lives

The National Lawyers Guild of Massachusetts supports and endorses the Movement for Black Lives recently released “Vision for Black Lives – Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom, & Justice.”  We feel it is critical to promote the voices of Black radical leaders and to follow their lead.

We encourage all members of the National Lawyers Guild of MA  to read through the vision statement and, if you choose to endorse, to do so as an NLG-MA member.


Carl Williams, co-chair of the Mass NLG, said “We need to support and defend the Black Lives Matter movement.  In doing that we must also support and defend the liberation ideas they are putting forth.”


Co-chair kt crossman added “We are excited to use our legal experience to aid in the struggle to ending the war on Black people, granting reparations, and supporting real community control of resources.”


We know that real, true freedom will come for Black people and we know it is our responsibility to fight like hell to make that day come sooner.


– NLG Mass Chapter Board of Directors –

2016 County Sheriff Elections:

The NLG is a member of the Ad Hoc Coalition to Stop New Jails in Massachusetts, which has prepared extensive materials for activists and voters in each county. This is the first-ever statewide project to focus on sheriffs races. We encourage you to use these materials to educate yourself and others, to find out where the candidates stand, and to get involved.

This fall, all Massachusetts sheriffs are up for election/re-election for six-year terms. County sheriffs oversee the incarceration of over half of all prisoners in Massachusetts. While they may not create the laws or prosecution policies that lead to mass incarceration, their practices have a direct effect on prisoners, their families and taxpayers.

Click on your county to find a full set of materials, which include an overview of sheriff races, county fact sheet, candidates’ general information, campaign contact information and questionnaire for sheriff candidates.

NOTE: While the general election is on November 8, in some counties the September 8 primary will determine the race.

Questions? Please contact Barb Dougan, bdougan2731@gmail.com.

Update on I-93 case

As we reported in the April issue of Mass Dissent, the NLG Mass Defense Committee successfully represented the Black Lives Matter activists who held a protest on I-93 in February 2015.

The only remaining defendant whose case was not resolved prior to trial, was a medic, Jessica Lowell, who had gone to the protest to observe the police response and to provide medical care and support, if necessary.  Despite the fact that she never set foot on the highway, she was arrested and charged with trespass, disorderly conduct, and conspiracy to commit trespass.  She was represented during a 3 ½ day jury trial on the disorderly conduct and trespass charges in Somerville District Court by NLG attorneys Mark Stern and Jeff Feuer, with significant support from many other members of the Mass Defense Committee.  The jury, with minimal deliberation time, returned verdicts of “Not Guilty” on both counts!

Despite the two not guilty verdicts, and despite the fact that the District Attorney’s office had absolutely no evidence of any conspiracy, the two ADA’s who tried the Commonwealth’s vindictive prosecution of Ms. Lowell immediately requested the trial judge to set a date to try her on the remaining conspiracy to commit trespass charge.  In response, Ms. Lowell’s NLG defense attorneys filed a substantial motion for a Bill of Particulars, demanding to see any evidence that the Commonwealth had concerning an alleged “conspiracy”.  As a result, three days before that motion was to be heard by the Court, the District Attorney filed a notice that it was “nolle prossing” Ms. Lowell’s case and dropping the conspiracy charge against her.  Jessica Lowell deserves enormous credit for her courage and perseverance in refusing to take a plea deal and insisting on a trial to prove her innocence in the face of an overzealous and baseless prosecution of her by the Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan that lasted more than a year.  This was also a significant victory for protestors and for the Guild’s Mass Defense Committee!

-Jeff Feuer

For additional coverage of the I-93 case from WGBH check out this article.

Other Updates

From the National Office:

NLG Member, Jeff Haas has published the following article about NLG building the Red Owl Collective at Standing Rock in Truthout: http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/37795-lawyer-s-view-recent-days-at-standing-rock

NLG and BMLP Support Charlotte Uprising, Endorse Demands and Call for Immediate Release of Protesters


September 30, 2016

Tasha Moro, NLG Communications Director
communications@nlg.org | 212-679-5100, ext. 15#

Nicole Lee, Esq., BMLP Co-Founder
Nicole@bmlp.org | 202-270-0774

CHARLOTTE, NC—On Monday night, police arrested about 10 people, including unsuspecting protesters, bystanders, and an NLG Legal Observer, during a peaceful march in Charlotte Center City, NC. Witnesses say there was no dispersal order given by police, and some arrestees had been merely standing on the sidewalk. All were charged with impeding traffic, and the Legal Observer, an attorney, was additionally charged with resisting arrest. Protests have been ongoing in Charlotte following the police killing of Keith Lamont Scott on September 20, resulting in 114 total arrests so far. Thirteen people still remain in custody. The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and Black Movement Law Project (BMLP) call for the immediate release of all arrestees, and fully support the demands set forth by Charlotte Uprising.

Demonstrations took place throughout the day Monday with little interference by law enforcement. It wasn’t until about 11 PM when a small group of protesters marched in the streets following a meeting at City Hall, that dozens of riot police and members of the National Guard suddenly appeared and began the “snatch-and-grab” style of arrests, the first of which was Denise Heberle of the NLG Michigan and Detroit Chapter, who was serving as a Legal Observer at the time.

“This was an ambush of the last few people involved in a long evening of peaceful protest. Legal Obersvers were targeted along with protesters. The police removed the only people who were present solely to bear witness,” said Heberle, while on her way to give an Legal Observer training in Kalamazoo, MI.

Activists in Charlotte have organized quickly in response to recent events. Charlotte Uprising, “a coalition of community members, local and state organizers committed to ensuring the safety of their communities, and advocating for police accountability, transparency and social and economic equity,” has been leading the organizing efforts, coordinating volunteers, releasing a set of demands, starting a petition and operating a bail support/legal hotline for arrestees, and offering other crucial support. The Durham Solidarity Center established the Freedom Fighter Bond Fund, which is collecting donations for protesters’ legal support. BMLP and the NLG have been on the ground providing jail support, legal observing, and recruiting pro bono representation for protesters.

The NLG and BMLP stand with Charlotte Uprising and will continue to support the Movement for Black Lives. Learn how you can get involved below:

Upcoming Events

NLG Massachusetts Chapter is co-sponsoring a multimedia event with Leslie James Pickering on the FBI frame-up attempt against a radical bookstore in Buffalo, NY.  Leslie has been a target of the FBI for years.

Saturday, November 12, 2016
7:00 pm
Democracy Center
45 Mount Auburn St., Cambridge

Mark your calendars and we hope to see you there.

“For two years beginning in 2012, the FBI used informants & extensive surveillance in an eco-terrorism conspiracy investigation into Buffalo’s radical bookstore, Burning Books.  Undercover agents were sent to public events at Burning Books while co-owners had their mail copied, were placed on a secret list for airline travel, were subject to over a dozen federal grand jury subpoenas, were followed around & had their photographs secretly taken by teams of FBI agents & much more.

Leslie James Pickering, alleged “mastermind sociopath” of the conspiracy & former Spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front Press Office, exposes secret FBI files, tactics deployed by the FBI against activists & strategies for resisting state repression in this shocking & eye-opening presentation.
Join us at The Democracy Center to welcome Leslie James Pickering and hear him speak about activism, community, and his experience with surveillance and harassment from the FBI and federal government.
Attorney Michael Kuzma of the National Lawyers Guild has led Leslie’s legal team through a series of Freedom Of Information Act lawsuits, forcing the FBI to release the over 30,000 pages of files it has on him by July of 2017.  See: http://www.lesliejamespickering.com/
Co-sponsored by Black & Pink and the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild

NLG Presents… “Happy Hour”


Black Lives Matter Fights Against Oppression 
Black Lives Matter activists and accomplices, who chained themselves to the doors of Cambridge City Hall on August 31. 2016, will come and talk about Black Lives Matter Cambridge, their issues and goals, and their campaign for affordable housing.

November, 2016: 6-8 PM. Red Hat Cafe (Boston). 

Check out the flyer here.

NLG & ACLUM Reveal Pattern of Police Spying and Surveillance

Boston Police Violate their own Rules in Spying on People Expressing their First Amendment Right

Over the last ten years, the U.S. government has increased its scrutiny of dissenting political voices in the country to a degree that is almost unprecedented in history.

In response, in August 2011, the National Lawyers Guild, Massachusetts Chapter (NLG) and the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts (ACLUM) filed a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) on behalf of local activists and organizations to challenge the Boston Police Department’s (BPD) refusal to release public records concerning its ongoing surveillance of peaceful political demonstrations and events.

As a result of the lawsuit, the BPD released documents and video footage which show the extraordinary extent to which local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, combining their forces in one of 72 regional domestic surveillance centers (the Boston Regional Intelligence Center – BRIC), routinely monitor, spy, and report on ordinary citizens engaged in peaceful, First Amendment-protected activities.  The shocking scope of this police misconduct demonstrates how far we have gone down the road to becoming a country obsessed with surveillance and control, with little or no regard for the constitutional rights or privacy of the people.

On October 16, 2012, the NLG & ACLUM sent a letter to Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis demanding that the surveillance and monitoring of peaceful activists and organizations stop immediately and that mechanisms be created to ensure transparency and accountability of the BRIC and its officers.

On October 18, 2012, the NLG & ACLUM released documents and video footage (BPD protest footage and BPD police training on Occupy Boston) obtained through the filing of the FOIA lawsuit, and a report with an analysis of those documents and videos.To view the NLG/ACLUM press release or read additional documents, click the links below.

As reported by Channel 7 WHDH-TV News

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