Workers’ Rights

We currently offer a workers’ rights workshop covering the following topics: Is My Paycheck Correct?Massachusetts and Federal laws guarantee that most workers receive a set minimum wage and overtime when they work more than 40 hours in a week. What does this mean if I work in a restaurant or if I sew clothing on a piece-work basis? When am I entitled to get my paycheck? Do these laws apply to me if I am an immigrant?

This workshop gives a broad outline of the laws and shows participants how they can seek to enforce those rights. Participants discuss how to determine if their rights are being violated and how to ensure proper pay.

A Safe WorkplaceState and Federal laws protect the rights of workers to be physically safe at work and to not be discriminated against because of their race, gender, or religion. This workshop discusses what rights workers have regarding safety and workplace discrimination, and what steps workers can take to exert these rights.

Participants are given a nuts and bolts explanation of safety and anti-discrimination laws; how to respond to unsafe working conditions, sexual harassment, and discrimination; and resources that can be used to enforce the laws.

Forming a UnionFederal laws guarantee most workers the right to join a union in order to bargain with their employer. Can I be fired for joining a union? Can I talk to my co-workers about organizing into a union even though I am an immigrant?

Participants will actively discuss and learn their rights regarding organizing, and what to do if those rights are being denied.

Contact us at or 617-723-4330 to schedule this clinic.

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