Civil Rights

My rights have been violated.  What can I do?

Often times the rights of large corporations, elected officials, and the wealthy are more closely protected than rights of people who are part of the working class, minority groups, or other disenfranchised populations.  There are many ways that these rights can be violated, including:

  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Being wrongfully arrested or detained
  • Police misconduct

If you feel that you have been treated unequally or unfairly because of your age, race, gender, social status, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, or disability, whether at work, school, home, or dealing with businesses, call to speak to one of our experienced attorneys.  Discrimination can often be difficult to deal with and difficult to prove and can place an additional burden on you and your ability to live freely as yourself.  Our attorneys will work with you to ensure that your rights as an individual are protected.

*The National Lawyers Guild Referral Service makes no guaranteed that an attorney will take your case with a reduced fee, flat fee, sliding scale, contingency, payment plan, or other forms of financial assistance.  Many of our attorneys provide low rates and our attorneys cannot offer further rate reductions.  When placing referrals, we are only able to screen attorneys based on their location and the area(s) of law they practice.  The National Lawyers Guild is dedicated to non-discriminatory practices.  Please be advised that requests for other considerations or specific characteristics of an attorney will NOT be taken into account.

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