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The Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) is a project of the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. The LRS was created to help low and moderate income residents receive competent legal services for reasonable rates. 

Membership: To join the LRS, an attorney must:

  1. Be a member of the National Lawyers Guild
  2. Provide proof of legal malpractice insurance coverage of at least $250,000/$500,000, and
  3. Submit LRS dues (Guild dues are paid separately).

LRS Membership Dues: Attorneys to the LRS panel pay $175* in dues for each year of membership. LRS Membership is for a calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31). Any new attorney who joins after September 1 will be carried over the following year. (Attorneys who fail to renew their membership by January 1st, will be temporarily suspended).
*New rate effective beginning January 1, 2012.

Rules and Fees: LRS attorneys are required to offer potential clients an initial free phone consultation. The LRS encourages attorneys to offer reduced or sliding scale fees to low income clients. Attorneys must return completed quarterly reports and associated LRS fees within six weeks of the report’s mailing date. Quarterly reports are sent electronically unless circumstances require otherwise. Failure to do so results in temporary membership suspension and removal from the referral panel until the report is returned. Two reminders are sent prior to suspension.

Remittance Fee Scale: Attorneys must remit 10% for fees earned from an LRS client between $100 – $3,000; for amounts in excess of $3,000, 15% must be remitted to the LRS. Example: for a fee of $3,200, $330 must be remitted (10% of $3,000 + 15% of 200). If you refer the client to another attorney you must provide the LRS with that attorney’s name and address, and notify the attorney of the LRS guidelines.


You can also download this form as a PDF file and mail it to us at:
National Lawyers Guild – Lawyer Referral Service
14 Beacon Street, Suite 407
Boston, MA 02108

After hitting submit, you will receive a message below the application form that your application was successfully submitted.


Your First Name:

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What languages do you speak other than English? (Please indicate level of fluency in field box below)

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Has any disciplinary action ever been instituted against you by the Board of Bar Overseers of Massachusetts or any other equivalent body in another jurisdiction?

- If yes, please describe the nature of the outcome of such disciplinary action


The LRS requires each panel member to carry legal malpractice insurance coverage of at least $250,000/$500,000. LRS members must submit proof of insurance every year along with their membership renewal forms.
Have you emailed us a copy of the current declaration page from your legal malpractices insurance policy? YesNo


Please indicate all applicable areas of your practice:
Appellate: StateFederal
Criminal: MisdemeanorFelonyFederalJuvenileLicense Suspension
Discrimination: Public AccommodationHousingDisabilityEducationEmployment
Employment Law: Wrongful TerminationContractsLabor Law (Unions)
Benefits: UnemploymentWorkers’ compSSI/SSDIDisability
Family Law: DivorceCustodyGuardianshipDCF
Malpractice: MedicalDentalLegal
Rights: Civil RightsPeople of ColorWomenGay/LesbianTransgenderPrisoners’ RightsPatients’ RightsFOIA/Privacy ActPolice MisconductCivil Disobedience
Landlord/Tenant: LandlordTenant
Miscellaneous Areas: Civil LitigationImmigrationElder LawADR or MediationAuto AccidentsPersonal InjuryProducts LiabilityConsumer ProtectionBankruptcyDebtor or CollectionsTaxesContractsReal EstateEstatesWillsPatents or CopyrightsBusiness or Commercial OrganizationStudent IssuesEnvironmental Law

Other Areas of Special Interest:


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Boston MetropolitanNorth ShoreSouth ShoreCape CodCentral MassWestern Mass
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Indicate your average fees for the following:

Uncontested no-fault divorces:
District Court criminal trials:
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Do you offer sliding scale or reduced rates for low
or moderate income people? Please describe.

Do you take pro bono cases? What types?


Are you a Guild member in good standing?YesNo

When did you join the Guild?

How did you learn about the LRS?

Why would you like to join the LRS?


By clicking submit on this application form you certify that your responses are complete and true to the best of your knowledge. If accepted as a member of the LRS, you agree to abide by LRS rules as indicated at the top of this online application. You understand the objectives of the LRS, and you agree to work toward providing high quality, low cost services to low income people.

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