Active Committees

Guild members gather at the Annual Meeting to hear short committee reports, elect chapter officers and members of the Board of Directors.

Foreclosure Prevention Task Force

The Task Force, in conjunction with other organizations, has effectively pushed back on the destruction of the foreclosure and eviction crisis that has undermined our national economy. Created in June 2008, the task Force’s goal is threefold: (1) to draft and introduce policies that address issues that homeowners and tenants of foreclosed on houses face, (2) to provide legal assistance to these homeowners and tenants, and (3) to conduct legal clinics for them.

NLG Mass Defense Committee

The Mass Defense Committee is active in these areas: (1) training and providing legal observers for political events and demonstrations; (2) providing training and written information to activists about their legal rights and the legal consequences that may attend any civil disobedience activities; and (3) providing legal advice and representation to individuals who were arrested while engaged in political demonstrations.

Independent Civilian Review Board

In coalition with the American Friends Service Committee and Greater Boston Civil Rights Coalition, the NLG has pushed for the creation of an independent civilian board to review complaints against the Boston police officers.

NLG National Immigration Project

Works to defend and extend the human and civil rights of all immigrants, both documented and undocumented.  The committee works in coalition with community groups to organize support for immigrant rights in the face of right-wing political attacks.  Please visit or call 617-227-9727.

NLG Military Law Task Force

Provides legal advice and assistance to those in the military, especially members of the GIRights Hotline, who are couseling military personnel of their rights.  The task force also provies legal support and helps to find local referrals when needed.  The MLTF and the Hotline exchange many questions and information through listserves.  For advice and information, GI’s can call 877-447-4487.  Please visit

Immigration and Human Rights Committee

Members of the Guild prepared an informational brochure for criminal lawyers on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions. For more information, please contact Ilana Greenstein (617-482-4500 or

Annual Testimonial Dinner Committee

The dinner planning committee organizes our biggest fundraising event of the year–a gala dinner dance in May honoring outstanding lawyers, legal workers, and law students in the greater Guild Community.  We need volunteers to work with this committee.

For more information or to get involved, please contact the Guild office.

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