The World Around Us

Though the NLG is a U.S.-based legal organization, those of you who support our quest for a more egalitarian and peaceful global community recognize how important international issues are to each and every one of us. As this issue of Mass Dissent goes to press, we are reminded of the 10 long years that our bellicose nation has invaded and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan. We are bombarded now in the media with instant news from around the World: Syrians fight to overthrow an oppressive regime, indigenous Canadians refuse to allow their lands to be stolen and auctioned off to the highest-bidding petroleum corporations, Kenyans elect a new president, Cypriots rise up as the Spanish, Greeks and others have done before them to reject European Union austerity measures; these are but a few of the zeitgeist moments which impact our collective futures.

In assembling Mass Dissent, we benefitted from a smorgasbord of excellent submissions, and we are honored to share a few of them with you in the pages that follow.

First, we travel south to Venezuela, to take stock of the NLG support for the Bolivarian Revolution at the passing and mourning of Hugo Chavez. Second, we sail north to Haiti, for an in depth report on the political implications of our island neighbor’s cholera epidemic and what we can do to support our comrades there. Third, we cross the Pacific to South Korea, to explore a fascinating moment in time as this proud nation elects its first female ruler. Fourth, we present a powerful and wide-ranging piece which tackles three significant “big picture” human rights problems, including imperialist wars, comfort women, and the Armenian Genocide. Finally, we return to our little “Athens of America” here in Boston, for an article regarding the special legal needs of international students.

All in all, we hope you find these pieces as thought-provoking and are inspired to continue in struggle,

– Jonathan Messinger & Beverly Chorbajian –


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