OMG, The Religion Issue

A young Guild member mentioned his concern that the NLG and other politically progressive groups too often give the impression that the religious are not welcome. He worried that perhaps all communities of faith were being penalized for the damage done by the so-called Religious Right. We saw that as a useful reminder to highlight the good work of several local religious institutions and organizations. You might even say that it was the genesis of this issue.

The Guild has a long relationship with Community Church of Boston. On page 5, Rev. Jason Lydon describes the church’s commitment to Liberation Theology and in particular, its work to support prisoners and abolish the prison industrial complex.

On page 6, Rev. Bruce Greer provides the unique perspective of a progressive Baptist Christian who is also a Ground Zero veteran. He writes that the endless cycle of violence can only be broken by “learning to live with competing meta-narratives, cultural and religious, economic and political.”

Our own Marguerite Helen discusses basic Quaker principles on page 7 and how they are put into practice, work often done alongside the NLG.

Anna Syed describes the extraordinary gathering that occurred at the Islamic Society of Boston’s Cultural Center when Gov. Patrick met with over 1,200 Muslims, who described their struggle for acceptance and inclusion. See page 8.

We close with an eloquent essay from Sheila Decter, page 9, on Judaism’s mandate to pursue justice.

Moving to more secular topics, on page 10 Northeastern students Stephanie Gharakhanian and Sharlyn Grace give us their impressions of the recent NLG convention in New Orleans.

For those of you who weren’t there, one of the highlights was seeing our chapter’s fearless leader, Urszula Masny-Latos, being honored as Legal Worker of the Year. We have included her bio from the dinner program on page 11.

– Barb Dougan –

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